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Discovery Education Video Clips
Weather: Changes and Measurement
Weather Smart: Tornadoes
Understanding Weather
Weather Smart: Winter and Snow
Earth Science for Students; What is Weather?
Weather Smart: Hurricanes
Severe Weather Safety: Watch for the Warning
Weather Smart: Thunderstorms
Weather Smart: Forecasting and Weather Instruments
Hand-On Weather: Part 02: More Weather Experiments

Brainpop Weather Videos Clips
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Weather - What's Stirring Up There?
Floods - Water, Water, Everywhere
Natural Disasters - Sometimes Bad Things Happen
Water Cycle - Water, Water, Everywhere
Tornadoes - Twist and Shout
Clouds - Look At Them From Both Sides
Hurricanes - Nature's Fury Unleased
Snowflakes - Learn Why No Two Are Alike
Wind - Can You See The Wind?
Avalanches - Look Out Below
Temperature - Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?
Global Warming - The World Is Heating Up!
Thunderstorms - Boom, Crackle
Wind Energy - Energy That's Blowin' In The Wind
Climate Types - The Weather Outside Your Window Is Only Part Of The Story

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