Homework April 11, 2019

Spring Break Assignment:

Novel: Bud Not Buddy Character Clouds. Students will come up with 20 Character traits for each character in the novel. Then they will create a word cloud, color each character and add 1 quote about each character in the story.  Due Monday, April 22, 2019.

Read Novel as they desire

8:45 - 9:00 Report to Stations *wait for the call to go out
9:00 – 10:30 Field Day Events
10:30 – 12:00 Lunch/Break for Volunteers
                    (Classes will pick up bagged lunches during this time)
12:00 – 2:15 Field Day Events Continue

Next Week is Field Day Spirit Week!

April 8th
April 9th
April 10th
April 11th
April 12th
Team Sports Day

Wear Your Favorite Team’s T-shirt or Jersey

Class Colors Day

Wear Your Class Colors:

Pre-K and Kindergarten GREEN
1st grade
2nd grade YELLOW
3rd grade PURPLE
4th grade ORANGE
5th grade
Field Day (K-2)

Wear Your Field Day or a Killian T-Shirt

Field Day (3-5)

Wear Your Field Day or a Killian T-Shirt

Superhero Day

Wear Your Favorite Superhero Costume or T-shirt

*No scary halloween costumes please

What Students Should Bring on Field Day:

  • a change of clothes in order to participate in water games (extra shirt, pair of pants, and socks). Nurse Hanzlik will not give students a change of clothes if they are wet due to participating in water games.
  • a water bottle labeled with their name
  • money for ice cream and/or snow cones
  • sneakers /athletic shoes (with socks) should be worn on their feet; socks should be worn during bounce house activities

April 4, 2019
ELA: Create a Diamante Poem using notes
Bud not buddy test tomorrow chapters 6-10
SS: none
Homework: March 27, 2019

ELA: Bud not buddy After chapter 3: Flash backs, Imagery

Sample test items questions 4-10

Alert students: Notes on Westward expansion & reconstruction in Google classroom

The itinerary for  Tuesday, March 26, 2019 as follows:
Arrive at Killian @6:00 am (Chaperones check in with Lobby Guard)
SC. Coach leaving killian @ 6:30 am
1st stop Wonder works from 9:00 am-12:00 noon 
2nd stop Lunch@ Johnny rockets from 11:00 to 1:15
(3 classes  at a time.)
3rd stop Ripley's Aquarium from 1:30 to 3:30
Departure from Ripley at 3:45 

Return to Killian @ 6:30pm.

March 19, 2019
ELA: Comprehension Check Bud not Buddy Chapter 1-3
Friday: Novel Quiz: Chapter 1-3

March 13, 2019
              Novel: Bud Not Buddy Chapter 4
SS: Weekly #20: Crossword puzzle, Mapping and Charting, Think and Review Questions, and Lets Write: Due Monday

ELA: Reading Log Due Monday

March 11, 2019
Bud not buddy Chapter 2
Reading Log

March 4, 2190
SS: Book pages 198-234
ELA: Reading log (Will give tomorrow)

Next Novel begin Friday March 8, 2019
Note: It’s important that children build their home library. Orders can be place with Amazon or check Local library for a copy.  I will only have a few copies to offer.
Bud, Not Buddy Paperback – January 8, 2002 by Christopher Paul Curtis  (Author)
Description: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51rId3txpyL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

Homework February 28. 2019
Sounder chapter 7 Read

Homework: February 26, 2019
SS:  No homework
ELA: Sounder Matching
                           Field trip Money 2nd payment is due March 1, 2019

Please note: Money will not be accepted the day of the field trip under no circumstances.

February 14, 2019

No homework

February 7, 2019
ELA: Reading log due tomorrow
SS: Electronic flip book on Branches of Government
Test on Articles of Confederation & U.S. Constitution
Project: # branches of Government due Monday February 11, 2019
Weekly #18 Due Monday: Crossword puzzle & Activity only
Field Study to Myrtle Beach:
1st payment was February 1st, $37.50
2nd Payment due March 1st, $37.50

We will not accept payments made the day of the field study.

February 6, 2019
ELA: Reading Log
SS: Weekly #18 no think and review
Project due Monday February 11, 2019 No late projects accepted.
Friday test on Articles of confederation and U.S. Constitution

February 4, 2019
ELA: Reading log
SS: Weekly#17 & Clip book due tomorrow

January 31, 2019
Reading Log due tomorrow
Weekly#16 is due tomorrow
Study Quziz on relative adverbs and Pronouns test tomorrow

January 29, 2019
ELA: Reading Log: Due Friday
SS: Weekly #16 due Friday

January 23, 2019
Weekly #15 due Monday 1/28 January 15,
Reading Log
Quiziz: Primary and Secondary Sources

ELA: Will receive reading log on tomorrow:
Study for Primary and secondary document quiz

SS: Create your Personal Declaration of Independence

Mastery Connect test on Declaration of Independence & event leading to Revolutionary War 
Happy New Year!!
January 8, 2019
ELA: Reading LOG only
SS: none
Friday January 11, 2019 Field study to Challenger space center. all permission slips and money is due ASAP!

Tales of 4th grade nothing AVID Pager
Due december 18, 2018

Homework: December 10, 2018
ELA: Reading Log
SS; Crossword puzzle 

December 4, 2018
ELA: Chapter 5 in Tales of 4th grade nothing
SS: My R students will complete pages 138-140 in social studies book. 

HOmework: November 29, 2018

ELA:  Study for open book test on Nobel Prize.
Read chapter 2 of Tales of the fourth grade Nothing.
SS. Triangular Trade webquest in Google classroom

Homework: November 26,
Weekly #12 due wednesday

Homework: November 20, 2018
Please get the Novel “ Tales of a 4th grade Nothing” by Judy Blume
ELA: Quiziz’s are due Sunday at 8pm (Please go to Google classroom and see them)

Enjoy your Holiday.!!!

Homework November 16, 2018
                                SS: Weekly #10 Middle colonies due Monday
  • ELA: Please get the book Tales of a fourth grade Nothing: By Judy Blume….$6.99 at Amazon

 Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Description: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Book Poster Image

Homework: November 13, 2018
SS: Google classroom watch video on Puritans and Pilgrims then answer 1 questions:
What did the Puritans learn from the Pilgrims before setting up their colony in Massachusetts? Include several examples.
Weekly #8 Due tomorrow Wednesday November 14, 2018
Reading Log due Friday.
Bullying Hurts everyone test tomorrow

Making connections (make 4 connections) & Main idea/Important details worksheet due tomorrow
Homework November 12, 2018
ELA: Reading Log
SS.: Weekly #8
Reading test on Wednesday: Bullying Hurts everyone (Reading A to Z level V

Parents please purchase Before Monday, November 26, 2018

Book - Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Homework November 7, 2018
ELA: Reading Log 

SS: Columbian Exchange Project
November 5, 2018
ELA: Reading Log, Quiziz  are due on Wednesday on Prefixes and Suffixes, Syllablles

SS.: Columbian Exchange Project Due Friday November 9
Homework October 31, 2018
All homework is due on Friday
ELA: Essay, crossword puzzle , Hungry right here, Pie worksheet both sides
SS: Weekly #7
Homework: October 30, 2018
Ela: Crossword puzzle (Reading A to Z)  Goes with Story : Hungry Right Here (level V)
Essay: Write an essay Highlighting three ways you can contribute to this cause and help fight hunger
SS: Weekly #7: Crossword puzzle, essay question and questions 1-10, (Smalls class Due Friday & Ferguson is due Thursday)Homework October 23, 2018
ELA: Reading Log
SS. Study for European Exploration & Motivations test on Thursday.
NOTE: Field trip to Native American Museum in Lexington
Homework October 22,2018
ELA: Reading Log
Practice Passage A: Authors’ purpose, main idea, and supporting details
SS: Study for Exploration  & European Motivation test on Thursday
NOTE: Field trip to Native American Museum on Wednesday October 24, 2018

NEW NOVEL: Begins Monday November 5, 2018: Tales of a 4th grade Nothing
October 19, 2018
no homework
Project due Monday/Tuesday
Sign up for Parent Conferences on Friday October 26
Homework for October 17, 2018
Ela: Reading Log: Complete Monday thru Thursday tonight.
Homonyms Quiziz complete by Friday at 4pm
SS. none
Project: File Folder Book Report Due Monday October 22 (Small’s class due Tuesday October 23)
October 15, 2018
ELA: Indian and the cupboard crossword puzzle
SS: Weekly #4
Homework October 10, 2018
Reading log must be completed by Friday
The Indian and the cupboard chapter 13-14 (if no school on Thursday finish the book)
Complete Quiziz: go to Google classroom and take quiziz on the following:
NOTE: These quizes can be taken as many times until make a passing grade.
·       Singular and plural nouns
·       Subject and predicate
Social studies:

Complete flip book on Motivation for exploration

Homework October 5, 2018
Read chapter 5 & 6 of the Indian and the cupboard

Quiz on Wednesday on the Indian cupboard (Vocabulary & Comprehension)

October 3, 2018
October 3, 2018
reading Log,
Read Chapter 4 in the Indian and the cupboard
Social studies:
Study for Native American Test.
Weekly #3 is due tomorrow

Unit 2 in social studies book is due tomorrow
October 2, 2018
Reading: Reading log(Tuesday)
The indian and the cupboard Chapter 3
Social studies: Unit 2 lesson 1 in social studies book

October 1, 2018
Indian and the cupboard chapter 3
Reading Log
Social Studies:
Weekly #3 due Thursday
Lesson 1 pages 40-47
Native american test on Thursday 10/4

September 28, 2018
Read The indian and the cupboard chapr 2

Reading: reading Log & DLIQ sheets are due tomorrow.
SS: Book page 62-67 Answer questions on Native Americans of the Woodlands.

September 25,2018
Reading: Reading Log & Study for Mystic Horse test tomorrow.
SS: book page 50-53. Answer questions on the Native American in the Southwest.

September 24, 2018
Reading: Reading Log complete Monday's reading assignment.
SS: Complete pages 54-57 in Social Studies book.

September 20, 2018
S.S: study notes on Landbridge Theory. Comprehension check on tomorrow.
Please make sure your child has the book Next week.

September 19, 2018
Read Story: " Mystic Horse" on pages 230-250 and then Complete sequence Chart on the story.

September 18, 2018
Read story: on page 228-229 "History at Your Feet" please sequence the story in order of events that happen in the story.
Region project is due tomorrow morning at 9am
Please check google classroom for questions.

Parents, please note: the book can be obtained thru public library (free), Amazon ($5.59) or any book provider.
1st Novel Study will begin on Monday, September 24, 2018: "The Indian and the cupboard"

September 17, 2018
Reading: Newsela article. Read and complete questions. You must tell what paragraphs your answer was located.
SS: Regions project is due Wednesday, September 19, 2018. 
Include the following:
Slide 1: Includes both names
Slide 2: Choose a Region & list all the States in that region
Slide 3: Tell about the climate of that region

Slide 4: Name at least 5 geographic features in that region.
NOTE: Parents this project is in conjunction with a partner and they have chosen what slide they will work on. 

September 10, 2018
Homework: Regions Project
Regions Project done on google slide
Due Wednesday 9/12/2018 @ 9am
Include the following:

Slide 1: Includes both names
Slide 2: Choose a Region & all the States in that region
Slide 3: Tell about the climate of that region

Slide 4: Name at least 5 geographic features in that region.

NOTE: Parents this project is in conjunction with a partner and they have chosen what slide they will work on. 

September 7, 2018
Homework: Weekly #2 Crossword puzzle, Mapping and charting with questions 1-10.
Have a great weekend!!

September 6, 2018
Social Studies: Complete color the states using a red, blue and green coloring pencils.

May 3, 2018
Grandma 's Garden on figurative language
Figurative language packet.

April 25, 2018
ELA: Sentence fragment
Poetry Project in google classroom
SS: Unit 7 lesson 2

April 24, 2018 Homework
ELA: Subject and predicate worksheet
Poem: Create a Cinquain poem
Poetry Project: Found in google classroom Due Monday, April 30, 2018
SS: Unit 7 Lesson 2

April 18, 2018
SS. Board Builder. is due Friday, April 20, 2018
ELA: Read the story "Raising Her Sights" and answer questions.
Poem create tanka poem.
Study for Test on Tomorrow on Westward expansion: (Lewis and Clark, Zebulon Pike and Daniel Boone)
April 17, 2018
Social studies: Packet and unit 7 lesson 1
ELA: Complete Limerick Poem. Diamante poem due tomorrow. 
(Mrs. Smalls class complete Newsela reading)
Social studies test on Thursday.

Social studies packet.
Google classroom complete Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone and Zebulon Pike fill in. Due Thursday.
Social studies test on Thursday.
Ela: complete Diamante Poem on Kite

April 11, 2018
SS: Complete weekly #20 Crossword puzzle, the benefits of the Lousiana Purchases (Firecrackers only) and, Mapping and charting. Due Thursday.
Ela: Literay Analysis of Poem called Wings
Friday Morning test on Lewis and Clark.

Welcome Back!! Today is Monday, April 9, 2018
Tonight's homework:
ELA: Complete Bio poem and create a wordle using the links in google classroom. Due Thursday

SS: Complete weekly #20 Crossword puzzle, the benefits of the Lousiana Purchases (Firecrackers only) and, Mapping and charting. Due Thursday.

              Social Studies Test on Thursday

March 26, 2018

March 19, 2018
Social Studies Book: Unit 6 Lesson 1-6, beginning on page 191 to 237. (Do Not do page 235)
Most should have been done already. Due by Thursday.
ELA. Reading Log
All Grades are due Thursday, March 22, 2018

March 7, 2018   Spring picture Day Tomorrow!!
SS: Spotlight reading questions 13-18 must be completed by Friday.
Early leaders Flipbook due Friday
Compare and contrast chart due Friday

March 6, 2018
Complete the following activity in paragraph form.

If I could invent a way to help people who are paralyzed, it would be called
_____________________________(state your name of invention) because
______________________________ (explain the reason behind your invention's name). This invention would use_______________ (explain it's characteristics and function) to improve the quality of life for people with paralysis. My invention would be different from other inventions because____________________(

give examples of how your invention would be unique). The three words that would describe __________(your invention) best are (first)______________ (second)_____________ and,(third)________. I chose these words to describe my invention because _________________________(explain how the specific words represent your invention).

February 27, 2018
Life journey: complete questions 6-8(Firecrackers)
NO HOMEWORK Smalls class.

February 26, 2018
Social studies vocabulary with definition
Complete reading comprehension questions on the Journey of a lifetime".
Read Lawn boy next chapter. 
Broken Bike Boy

February 21, 2018
Continue to work on Project giving it your best effort.
No other homework is assigned.

February 19th, 2018
Work on given project. Due Friday 2/23/2018
African American History Text feature Project
Name __________________________________ African American ___________________________

African American Text Features Booklet Project
Due Date: Friday, February 23, 2018
We have begun our study on text features.  In Celebration of Black History Month, each student will be given an African American to research and incorporate text features in this your child was given an African American that project. On today (Monday, February 19th), he/she must research and create a book using the rubric below.  The book must be at least 5 pages.  No late projects will be accepted after Monday, February 26th.  Each day that the project is late, your child will lose five points.  This is an at-home project.  Students are not allowed to copy and paste information from the internet.  They may use the internet as a source, but it should be written in their own words.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Possible Points
Points Awarded
Cover Page

Table of Contents

At least 3 Headings

At least 2 Subheadings for each Heading

At least 5 Bold Print Words

Glossary to include the bold printed words (ABC Order)

Index with at least 10 words (ABC Order)

At least 2 pictures with captions

At least one graph

At least one diagram


Date Project Was Submitted ___________________

Project Grade ___________________

February 16th, 2018
Unit 6 lesson 1
African American History Text feature Project will be given on Monday and must be done at home.

February 15, 2018
Social Studies book: unit 6 lesson 1

February 13, 2018
Social Studies weekly #18 due tomorrow
Reading: the novel for 30 min.
Articles of Confederation quiziz tomorrow.
Social Studies: Unit project due Thursday located in Google Classroom.

February 12, 2018
Reading Novel for 30 min.
Social Studies weekly #18 due Wednesday, February 14. Crossword, Activity only. 

Social Studies: The unit project is due Thursday in google classroom.

February 8, 2018
Social Studies units 1-4 and wrap is due tomorrow.
Key battles Flipbook is tomorrow
Reading Log is due tomorrow.

February 7, 2018
Social Studies: wrap up! Unit 5 crossword puzzle and all question on Thomas Jefferson and 
Project: Unit project directions will be in google classroom.
Continue to work on Flipbook of the major key battles.
ELA: Reading Log
Small's class: Read chapters 4 of "Lawn Boy"
Reading Log: Complete front only
Firecrackers: The "Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd St". Read: Chapter 2
Ferguson's small group: Young Cam Jansen and the Lost tooth; Chapter 3

February 6, 2018
Social Studies lesson 3 &4 due Wednesday
Answer all questions.
Complete Reading Log Monday & Tuesday

Firecrackers only: Novel study: The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd St. Read: Chapter 1

Ferguson's small group: Young Cam Jansen and the Lost tooth; Chapter 1 & 2
Small's class: Novel: Lawn Boy read Chapters 1-3.

February 5th, 2018
Social Studies lesson 3 & 4 due by Wednesday answer all questions in the textbook.
ELA: Mrs. Small's Class only: Read Chapter 1 of Lawn Boy.
ELA: Complete reading log

February 2nd, 2018
Please review Quiziz
Wordly wise lesson 5 must be done by midnight.
Have a great weekend.

February 1, 
Study for Wordly Wise lesson #5

January 31, 2018
Social studies:
Complete key battle cartoon of the revolutionary war.
Complete reading on Spotlight reading and questions 1-5 on the story Tatterhood
Wordly wise Lesson 5 test on Friday

January 30,2018 
Cartoon of any key battle of the Revolutionary War.
Small's class only: Study for Samuel's choice test.   

January 29, 2018
Study for Samuel's Choice test. Both classes
Smalls class: Samuel's Choice vocabulary test. Only.
Work on Wordly Wise Lesson 5

January 23, 2018
Key Battles Project due tomorrow.
Weekly #15 Due tomorrow. 
See google classroom for complete instructions and Rubric.

January 22, 2018
Key Battle Project due on Wednesday, January 24th
Weekly #15. please complete the following sections: Crossword puzzle, Think and Review questions 1-9, Yankee Doodle Song add 2 lines, On the Inside: Thrill Victory and Defeat.

Key Battle Project due on Wednesday, January 24th. Work on as you see fit but remember it is due on Wednesday. Please use notes, rubric, and social studies book pages 164-183.

Weekly #14: Complete all questions
Study for Cause and Effects of American Revolutionary War. Test on Tomorrow

Complete Wordly Wise Lesson 2 test.                     
If you have not Completed social studies worksheet on the causes of the American Revolution. Due Tomorrow Wednesday 1/10/2018

Happy New Year!!!     
Homework: Complete social studies worksheet on the causes of the American Revolution.
Please purchase "Samuel's Choice" ASAP

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
Things to do over the Christmas break:
Hour of code for 2 hours, current event use any NewsEla article and Complete Read works article and quiz, and study for triangular trade Re-test on January 4.
Parents, please consider purchasing this book by or before January 3, 2018. When we return we will begin our study on the Revolutionary War.
Novel Study: 
Samuel's Choice by Richard Berleth
This story, based on actual incidents and battles in the Revolutionary War, brings readers right into the action — a 14-year-old slave named Samuel faces a difficult choice when only he can help the colonists during the Battle of Long Island, the first battle of the Revolutionary War. Samuel's courage is rewarded with the most precious gift he could receive.

1990 Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies. Full-color illustrations
Places to purchase:
Books a Million $5.59
Barnes & Noble $6.99
Amazon $6.99
 This book complements our next unit.

Homework: December 11, 2017
Read the one and only Ivan until the end by Friday
Complete the book;
Comprehension passage on Gorilla and elephants
Answer questions.

December 8, 2017
The one and only Ivan please read up to page 200
Opportunity to retake test on Triangular Trade is Monday.

Homework: Continue to read the one and only Ivan to page 150.

Homework: December 4, 2017
Social studies extra credit due Wednesday instead of today.
Firecrackers: Complete the read works article along with TWIST.
Small's Class: Complete Slavery in the United States Webquest.
All classes: ELA: Read pages 130-145 in the one and only ivan

Homework: November 29- 30, 2017
Reading Log
Social Studies: Extra Credit: In google classroom Its due  Monday,December 4, 2017
Weekly#12 Crossword puzzle and Think and review questions only. Due Friday 12/01

Homework: November 28, 2017
Reading Log
Social Studies: Extra Credit: Google classroom Due December 4, 2017
Reading: The one and only Ivan read pages 120-135.

Homework: November 27, 2017
Reading Log
Narrator : The one and Only Ivan
Read pages 110-120

Homework, November 20th, 2017
                    !!! No reading log!!!
Social studies: Quiz on the 13 Colonies: The french, the Dutch, the Spanish, and the English.
ELA: Bring the book one and only Ivan: Quiz: Illustration Setting

Homework, November 13, 2017
Reading Log
Social studies weekly #8
REad the one and only Ivan pages 100-105

Homework November 7, 2017
Reading log complete Tuesday assignment
Current event & Twist using NEWELA article
READ Pages: The One and only Ivan pages 30-50

Homework October 26, 2017
Read pages 8-10 in the one and only Ivan
Complete Reading Log
Weekly #7 Think and review, crossword puzzle and name your city and explain

Homework October 24, 2017
Reading Log Only

Homework October 23, 2017
Please study Social studies study guide; 
Mastery Connect unit test tomorrow
Introducing: The one and only Ivan. 

Homework: October 18, 2017
Start working on review packet for Unit assessment in SS.
SS unit test October 24, 2017

Homework: October 16, 2017
  • Obtain a copy of the Novel
  • Parents please read itinerary for field study.
  • Students must be on time for drop off in the morning. All buses will leave at 6:30 am. 

Homework: October 12, 2017
Reading Log.
Parents: New Novel Study. Please Purchase this book or borrow the book from public library by Monday, October 16, 2017

The One and Only Ivan Hardcover – by Katherine Applegate (Author), Patricia Castelao (Illustrator)


paperback $7.99 Hardcover $10.71 thru Amazon 

Homework: October 9, 2017
Reading Log
Study for Explorer test on tomorrow

All final payments for Myrtle Beach field trip is now past due.
Please turn in all monies as soon as possible.  All permission slips need to be signed and returned.
Cost $65.00

Homework: October 5, 2017

  • Reading log should be completed is due: Ferguson's Class only
  • TDA questions Mystic Horse

Social studies: 

  • Weekly #4: Crossword puzzle & explore activity

Reminder #1: Picture day is tomorrow Friday October 6, 2017

Reminder #2: All field trip money is 'due Friday October 6, 2017

October 4, 2017Homework
Reading Log
SS. Weekly #4
Smalls class European project is due tomorrow

Friday September 29, 2017
European Project due Tuesday for Ferguson's class
Due Thursday for Smalls class.
Monday Indian cupboard test: open book
All books must be turned in Monday
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reading Log due tomorrow
Complete All Evidence based questions from the Mystic Horse

European Project: Please follow 
Rubric for Project.(Google slide)

Read Chapters 13-16; Indian and the cupboard test on Monday. (Open book test) 

Wednesday September 27, 2017
Reading Log both sides
Complete 5 questions: Evidence based answers for Mystic Horse
Read chapters 11-13 Indian and the cupboard

Ferguson's Class: European Explore: Google slide. Due Tuesday October 3, 2017

Tuesday September 26, 2017
Reading Log
Compelete: Evidence based answers for Mystic Horse
Project: European Explore: Google slide. Due Tuesday October 3, 2017

Native American Field study Tomorrow Wednesday September 27, 2017

Parents: New Novel Study. Please Purchase this book for your child before October 16, 2017

The One and Only Ivan Hardcover – by Katherine Applegate (Author), Patricia Castelao (Illustrator)


paperback $7.99 Hardcover $10.71 thru Amazon 

Today Friday September 22, 2017
Read chapters 6-10 of the Indian and the cupboard.

No homework tonight September 20, 2017 with the exceptions of catching up with reading chapters 1-5. 
We have been reading during class time and most students are beyond this point. 
Parents make sure field study forms are signed and turned in.

Parents we will do our next Novel study beginning October 16th.  We have limited copies and I may not be able to get 40 copies for both classes. Please try to obtain your child a copy thru the public library or at  any of your local bookstores: 

The One and Only Ivan Hardcover – by Katherine Applegate (Author), Patricia Castelao (Illustrator)


paperback $7.99 Hardcover $10.71 thru Amazon

Extra resources for Weather Project Booklet.


Discovery Education Video Clips
Weather: Changes and Measurement
Weather Smart: Tornadoes
Understanding Weather
Weather Smart: Winter and Snow
Earth Science for Students; What is Weather?
Weather Smart: Hurricanes
Severe Weather Safety: Watch for the Warning
Weather Smart: Thunderstorms
Weather Smart: Forecasting and Weather Instruments
Hand-On Weather: Part 02: More Weather Experiments

Brainpop Weather Videos Clips
Username: Killian98     Password:STEAM
Weather - What's Stirring Up There?
Floods - Water, Water, Everywhere
Natural Disasters - Sometimes Bad Things Happen
Water Cycle - Water, Water, Everywhere
Tornadoes - Twist and Shout
Clouds - Look At Them From Both Sides
Hurricanes - Nature's Fury Unleased
Snowflakes - Learn Why No Two Are Alike
Wind - Can You See The Wind?
Avalanches - Look Out Below
Temperature - Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?
Global Warming - The World Is Heating Up!
Thunderstorms - Boom, Crackle
Wind Energy - Energy That's Blowin' In The Wind
Climate Types - The Weather Outside Your Window Is Only Part Of The Story

Homework Monday October 3, 2016
Complete Current event by reading article and completing current form. They have started and can use either of the following website: 
www.Newsela.com join the class with code: BCHPUX

Science Weather project due on 10/6

Science extra credit: tracking the weather till October 20th.

Homework on Wednesday September 28, 2016

Social studies pages 61-69 read and complete questions and charts and graphs.
Social Studies Test on Friday
Math book lesson 5 pages 27-32
Read chapter 9-10 of the Indian and the cupboard

NOTE: please fill out t-shirt order form

Tonight's homework, Thursday September 22, 2016
Reading log is due tomorrow
Social Studies weekly complete sections: crossword puzzle, The activity, and the let's write sections.
Read & complete pages 50-67 in social studies book. 

Tonight Wednesday September 21, 2016
Reading Log
Social studies book complete pages 43-49
Read chapter 5

Have a great evening

Tonight Tuesday September 20, 2016
Reading log
Re-Read Mystic Horse  and study for test. 
Homophones for the Indian and the cupboard chapter 1-5
Main Idea: Read paragraph and write the main idea. 

Tonight Monday September 19,2016
Reading Log
Indian and cupboard chapter 5
Study for math test on place value
Homophones worksheet

Tonight's homework: Thursday, September 15, 2016
Reading log: complete both sides.
Math quiz moved to Tuesday due to Map testing. 
Map Math testing on tomorrow September 16, 2016
Please make sure they get a good night sleep. Please NO! disciplinary actions before testing in the morning.

Tonight's homework: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reading: Reading Log, Read the story "The Indian in the cupboard" chapters 2,&3. Then draw a image of what you read and write the page number.
Math: Lesson 4 worksheet.
Get a good night sleep. Please NO! disciplinary actions before testing in the morning.

Quiz: Math quiz Friday.lesson 1-4
Reading test on Tuesday September 20, 2016
                            Parents please Note: 
Map (Reading) testing on Tomorrow Thursday, September 15, 2016
Map Math testing on Friday September 16, 2016

Tonight's homework Monday, September 12, 2016

Reading: Mystic Horse Comprehension questions 1-5 page 251, Both sides of worksheet: Sequence the story, create your own story and sequence it. Reading Log.

Social studies: Due on Wednesday, September 14th. Weekly #2 complete crossword puzzle, Mapping and charting, and think and review. 

Tonight's homework Tuesday August 30, 2016
Reading Log: Story card #3
Math: worksheet
Social studies: Weekly #1 complete crossword puzzle & Mapping and Charting.
Water cycle quiz Thursday.
Tales of a 4th grade Nothing Quiz wednesday

Tonight's homework Monday, August 29, 2016
Reading: Chapter 9 & 10 of Tales of a 4th grade Nothing.
Math: Nothing

Science book: Pages 44-45 & 46 & 47. Science Weekly crossword puzzle. 

Tonight's homework Thursday, August 25, 2016
Reading: Test on My Diary Now and then
Math: place value.Complete worksheet problem set and homework. Parents please allow students to use Zearn.org

Novel: Read chapter 5-6 Tales of a 4th grade nothing 

Tonight's homework Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Social studies:  Cut and paste continents and oceans. 
Please study:Quiz: Wednesday August 24, 2016

Reading: Tales of a 4th grade Nothing Chapter 2


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